Yamaha GP 1300 - Annandale

This Jet Ski not only looks like new, with only 17,1 H it is new! Only few times on the lakes. It's never been in salt water. It has 170 hp last year I ran 74 mph but there was same waves. I think on flat water it can go 78-80 mph. No scratches It comes with a trailer 2005 yacht club plus 2 life jackets.
Engine: 3 cylinder, 2 stroke
Displacement: 1,296 cc
Ignition: Digital, electronic fuel injection
Transmission: Direct drive from engine
Pump: High pressure 155 mm.
Axial flow single state with Q.S.T.S
Impeller: 3 blade, staineless steel
Intake: Loop charged
Lubrication: Oil injection
Starter: Electric

Price: $4,600.00